Friday, July 2, 2010

The start!

Welcome to my Software Engineering blog!

Thank you for visiting it and I hope you will spend here very good time. In this first article I will write about the areas that the blog will cover. First of all, it's going to be about IT. So it can be about... yeah pretty a lot of stuff actually! Though to be more precise, I can reveal that at the beginning it will be more Java focused as currently I'm preparing myself for an exam to become Sun Certified Java Programmer. So I'll post here some tricky parts about the Java language that I have had occasion to learn during my preparation. Besides this, I'll bring up the topics of Design Patterns, Object Oriented best practices, Jave EE and much more! I will focus on the features that are the most up to date and can be useful and helpful for many of you!

And now is the time for a video! What would you do in a place of this young teenager facing a problem of such horrible incomprehension from his parents?

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