Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 6 Programmer exam passed!

Yes, that's it! On the 6th of September I made it with 95% score. Not bad at all! It means 57 out of 60 questions answered correctly! Frankly speaking, the exam didn't seem to be easy - many questions required me to think deeply not as it was with the Whizlabs' tests. Even though, I had had some spare time left at the end to review all the questions and afterwards could hit the magic button "end" which surprisingly... ended the exam! But don't worry! The fact that I passed the exam doesn't mean that I will stop posting the articles related to it. I have a list of topics that I want to bring up here and after my short holidays that I'm on right now I will resume writing! I will also say something more about my scores of the exam and add some important notes that might be helpful for other people preparing to become certified!


  1. Hi Jan,

    It's wonderful for getting OCJP with 95% score. My name's Hieu Tran. I'm Vietnamese. And I has schedule to get OCJP in Oct or Nov 2011.

    Could you can tell me how did you do to get a high score of this exam, please? and if it's possible, you can help to give me the name of book that you used for this exam.

    Pls send email to me, when you have a bit free time.

    My email:

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Hieu,

    Welcome to the blog! As for your questions please have a look at the post I think all of them are covered there. If you have any questions please free to ask!


  3. Hi Jan,

    I am glad to see your marvelous posts ,really thankful to you for writing down important instructions.I am a newbie Java Developer just finished my engineering. I am looking forward to go for certification but i am confused to go whether for Oracle Certified Associate ,Java SE/SE6 or to go directly to Oracle Certified Professional .I know the basics of Java but if you guide i can work harder for that professional certification.

    Vivek Bhatnagar

  4. Hi Vivek!

    Thanks for your kind words about the blog. Much appreciated.

    As for the certification, I would go straight for the OCP. I don't think that OCA has a great value on the job market, it would be more just for yourself. Still, you should check what is it worth on the market you are targeting. I presume it is India but in this case I can't tell you!

    Best, Jan.

  5. hi,its good to know about your score. . i am planning to take up ocpjp 6 exam. .i have a doubt whether GUI and Networking and JDBC is included in the syllabus for Java SE6 ??
    plz reply